Barcelona starts #BeYourOwnBoss Campaign

Barcelona is India’s fastest growing men’s fashion brand. It is already known for its vast collection of apparel that is both trendy and fashionable. The brand has a wide reach across India, with 70+ stores operating in 40+ cities across the country.

It has recently announced the #BeYourOwnBoss campaign.

Men can find within the stores of the fashion brand, a trendy & premium collection of apparel that will bring out the boss within them. Clothes are not only used to look good, but also feel good. A good outfit can make one’s confidence soar, and that is exactly what Barcelona wants its patrons to feel by indulging in its premium collection of apparel. Looking dapper has never been easier.

This collection will make you feel like a boss and help you wear your confidence proudly.

About Barcelona: Barcelona is India’s leading men’s fashion brand. It has a vision to transform menswear industry of India by increasing the availability of high-quality apparel at affordable prices and to reach men living in all corners. With unique set of values and high-grade quality, it is driving a new era of trends.


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