India’s Trusted B2B Apparel Brand Barcelona Now Open For All Apparel Retailers

Barcelona, men’s fashion brand having presence in more than 80 cities nationwide, has launched a new B2B app for 10 lac MBO garment retailers in India for IOS and Android users.

Unlike other B2B apps, the Barcelona app allows retailers to easily know which products works best at their store and effortlessly manage customer data. Through this mobile app, all retailers will be able to manage all of their inventory, which ultimately will improve the efficiency and profitability of the inventory management and customer billing process. Our biggest choice of products with more than 100 styles to order, plus size stock with all the latest trends, will allow you to make a difference with this app.

“Everyone has a different idea of what ‘B2B App’ means. Some retailers simply take it as an app for placing orders, but it is much beyond that, where the retailers will have the access to new collection in apparels with an added advantage of increased warehouse efficiency. The Barcelona app allows retailers to customize their order management through which the users will get accurate data of fast moving and slow moving products at their store – it’s like a playlist for retailers” says Jaimin Gupta CEO of Stitched Textiles Private Limited.”

The new app’s capabilities include benefit of cost saving to the retailers, it will help the retailer know which product works best at the store, effortlessly manage customer data, ease in categorizing valuable customers and most importantly the retailers can review customer journey map with clarity.

The Barcelona mobile application gives users total control of their shopping experience and acts as a one stop shop for all the latest trends. Retailers can buy trendy and affordable apparel in just a click with total control.

Users can download the app in the IOS or Android app stores now:

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