SNS2 Star Cast Visited Barcelona Bopal Store

Barcelona is a popular and wide-reaching men’s wear fashion brand in India. With a solid reputation in the fashion industry and selling branded apparel at revolutionary prices, Barcelona has spread its wings in more than 40+ cities with 80+ stores.

On 9 February 2022, Sath Nibhana Sathiya 2 star cast Harsh Nagar, Jinal Jain, Manas Adhiya, Hardika Joshi visited one of our Barcelona men’s wear store in Bopal. We were delighted when these stars graced us with their presence. 

When the stars explored our store, they got fascinated with our unique and trendy styles for which Barcelona is widely known. They couldn’t stop themselves from getting their hands on the latest branded collections from our store. Actors tried various fashion collections and ended up shopping their hearts out.

We were humbled and overjoyed to welcome them and serve them in the best fashion. Barcelona is a popular fashion brand among youth not only because of its trendy collection but for its versatility in style.


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